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Brands I've worked with:

My work is currently featured on Nordstrom.com

Product images can be used on your shop page, for ads, and social media posts.  They work well for collaborations with other brands and giveaways.  Flatlays are created, pairing your product with other accessories.    

Lifestyle images bring your product to life!  They capture the essence of your brand.  Do you prefer light and airy?  True to color?  Dark and moody?  We cater to your editing style and vision.

Product vs. Lifestyle

*and why you need both!


Mini Shoot


$175 flat rate

30 minutes

1-5 products

15-25 images

1 model

Client ships products

Products or shop credit used to pay models


$350 flat rate

60 minutes

6-10 products

40-60 images

2 models

Client ships products 

Products or shop credit used to pay models

Social Media Shoot

Brand shoot

$500 flat rate

90-120 minutes

Multiple products

80+ images

4-6 models

 Client ships products

Products or shop credit used

to pay models


$140 flat rate

10-15 images

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